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New Idaho Administrative Rules

The Idaho permit office released a statement concerning rules for commercial motor vehicles.  According to the Idaho Governors Red Tape Reduction Act each agency within Idaho government must review rules every five (5) years.  The changes listed below go into effect on 07/01/2024.

  • The term of Reducible & Non-Reducible is now Divisible & Non-Divisible.
  • – The definition of daylight hours is now 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. It used to be sunrise to sunset.
  • – The restrictions on loads of cylindrical hay bales is now 80 feet long. It was 75 feet long.
  • – For Divisible and Non-Divisible loads; all liftable axle types next to an axle grouping that is overweight must be fully deployed while operating on state roadways.
  • – Traffic control plans are now required when a load exceeds 18 feet wide, 150 feet long, or 16 feet high. It used to be 120 feet long.
  • & – The time of travel restrictions for oversize loads not exceeding 12 feet wide, 120 feet long, or 15 feet high on Black-Coded Routes & Interstate for 24/7. It used to be 10 feet wide.
  • – The Heavy commuter traffic restriction was 12 feet, now it is 13 feet. It now includes mile markers for detail on areas of heavy commuter traffic.
  • – The timeline of how many days the department may take for a bridge analysis on a vehicle or vehicle combination not in excess of 250,000 pounds is now 5 business days. It used to be 3 business days.

Source: Idaho Transportation Department Special Permits Office

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