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Permit America has the authority to obtain permits in all Contiguous United States, Canada, and hundreds of local agencies; with our extensive experience and state of the art resources we can ensure your permits are received swiftly and accurately. It is our job to ensure your trucks are moving safely, legally, and on schedule. With our industry leading technology combined with motivated, hardworking and knowledgeable staff you can rest assured Permit America is your go to service so you can say “I’m Permitted”.


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Provision Sheets

Provision Sheets

Many agencies require provision sheets in addition to the agency permit.


Insurance Information

Insurance Information

All agencies require insurance; however, some require the carrier to have insurance filed with the agency as the certificate holder.


Holiday Closings

Holiday Closings

Most agencies restrict travel during the holidays, as well as close their offices.


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Signing up for the PARA Portal can save you time and money!

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