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Our Consultants are T.E.A.M. based.   Personalized service is our mission.


As soon as your order is placed our consultants respond by reaching out to each DOT agency along your preferred route. We have authority to order permits in the 48 contiguous US, most of Canada, and 100’s of local agencies.


Our Consultants have over 146 years of combined OD/OW permit experience. Superloads to Fuel & Trip; our consultants will provide you with the knowledge and depth to obtain accurate, timely permits for the most complicated loads.


Winter storms, flooding, rock slides, truck breakdowns or last minute dimensional changes? Our talented consultants have dealt with every situation imaginable and have the knowledge to get you through any last minute obstacles.


Attention to detail and quality control are paramount when processing orders for OD/OW permits. Our quality control procedures require that each permit application is reviewed prior to submittal to the DOT agency, this ensures the highest level of accuracy.

Call toll free at (866) 573-7648 or email permits@permitamerica.com to get started today!

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