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May Closings 2024 - Memorial Day

State/AgencyClosedTravel Restrictions
Alabama5-27-2024No travel sunset 5-25 until sunrise 5-28
Arizona5-27-2024No travel over 10'w, 14'6"h, 3' front o/h, 10' rear o/h, and 120'l 5-27
Arkansas5-27-2024No travel sundown 5-24 until sunrise 5-28; Overweight only may travel with a valid permit
California5-27-2024No travel 4pm-midnight 5-24, noon to midnight 5-25, noon to midnight 5-26 & noon to midnight 5-27
Colorado5-27-2024No travel 5-24 noon until 9pm, no travel 5-27 6am until 9pm
Connecticut5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 to daylight 5-28
Delaware5-27-2024No travel noon 5-26 to 9am 5-28
Florida5-27-2024No travel over 14'6"h, 80'l, 10'w on 5-27
Georgia5-27-2024No travel 5-27
Idaho5-27-2024No travel 5-27
Illinois5-27-2024No travel noon 5-26 (if travel is normally allowed) until surnise 5-28
Indiana5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 until 30 mins before sunrise 5-28
Iowa5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 until 30 mins before sunrise on 5-28
Kansas5-27-2024No travel restrictions
Kentucky5-27-2024No specific restrictions
Louisiana5-27-2024No travel restrictions
Maine5-27-2024No travel 5-27. Mobile or modular homes can not travel 5-25 thru 5-28
Maryland5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 to 9am 5-28
Massachusetts5-27-2024No travel 5-27
Michigan5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 to daybreak 5-28. Mobile homes can resume noon 5-28
Minnesota5-27-2024No travel 2pm 5-26 to 2:00am 5-28

Fishing Opener Weekend No travel 2pm 5-9 to 2am 5-13
Mississippi5-27-2024No oversize travel noon 5-25 until half an hour before sunrise 5-28
Truman Day-no restrictions
No travel noon 5-26 to sunrise 5-28
Montana5-27-2024No travel restrictions if traveling interstate only up to 18'w; Off interstate no travel restrictions 10'w, 150'l, 15'6"h; Off interstate up to 12'6"w limited to daylight hours only; Off interstate exceeding 12'6"w, 150'l, 15'6"h no travel 5-25 until 5-28
Nebraska5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 until sunrise 5-28
New Hampshire5-27-2024No travel 5-27
New Jersey5-27-2024No travel 5-24 or 5-27
New Mexico5-27-2024No travel 30mins after sunset 5-26 until 30mins before sunrise 5-28; Loads overweight only or granted continuous travel may travel 5-26 until 11:59pm
New York5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 to 30 mins before sunrise 5-28
New York Thruway5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 to 30 mins before sunrise 5-28
New York City5-27-2024No travel 5:30am 5-25 to 10:00am 5-28. Applications for 5-28 travel must be received by 11:59pm 5-23.
Nevada5-27-2024No travel 5-24 noon to midnight; No travel 5-27 noon until midnight
North Carolina5-27-2024No travel restrictions
North Dakota5-27-2024No travel over 16'w noon 5-25 to sunrise 5-28
Ohio5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 to sunrise 5-28
Ohio Turn Pike5-27-2024No travel sunrise 5-24 to sunrise 5-38
Oklahoma5-27-2024No travel 5-27
Oregon5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 until half hour before sunrise 5-28; Triples no travel 4pm 5-24 until sunrise 5-28; Logs, poles and pilings no travel 2pm 5-24 until sunrise 5-28; Tow trucks and towed units no travel 2pm 5-24 until half hour before sunrise 5-28
Pennsylvania Turnpike5-27-2024No travel 3pm 5-23 until 11pm 5-27
Pennsylvania 5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 until sunrise 5-28
Rhode Island5-27-2024No travel 5-25, 5-26, 5-27
South Carolina5-10-2024

Confederate Memorial. No restrictions
No travel 5-27
South Dakota5-27-2024No travel restrictions
Tennessee5-27-2024No travel for escorted loads only noon 5-24 through 5-27. No travel 5-27 for site-built houses and house boats.
Texas5-27-2024No travel over 14'w, 16'w, 110'l and mobile homes 5-27
Utah5-27-2024No travel for loads in excess of 10'w, 105'l, 14'6"h 2pm-midnight 5-24, and then 12:01am on 5-27 to sunris 5-28
Vermont5-27-2024No travel over 180,000lbs, 12'w, 100', 5-25 until 5-28
Virginia5-27-2024No travel noon 5-24 to sunrise 5-28
Washington5-27-2024No travel noon 5-26 to sunrise 5-28
West Virginia5-27-2024No travel 5-25 through May 27
Wisconsin5-27-2024No travel 4pm to 8pm 5-24, 5-25, 5-26, 5-27 in Columbia, Dane, Milwaukee, Rock or Waukesha counties; No travel all counties over 12'w, 13'6"h, 150'l from noon 5-24 until sunrise 5-28;
Wyoming5-27-2024P.O.E closed. All escorted loads closed 30 mins after sunset 5-24 until 30 mins before sunrise on 5-28
Permit America wishes you and your family a safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Permit America will be closed Monday, May 27th in observance of the Holiday.

*Information provided as a courtesy to our Customers. Agencies may amend restrictions and closures with little to no notice. Permit America makes every effort to ensure information is accurate and updated in a timely manner. In the event of a discrepancy drivers MUST follow the provisions on their permit.
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