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Riverlink Toll Increase

Trucks travelling between Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana saw a toll increase on July 1st.  Riverlink, the toll system for the Abraham Lincoln Bridge (I-65 North), the John F Kennedy Memorial Bridge (I-65 South), and the Lewis and Clark Bridge (SR265/KY841) states that annual rates are determined according to a bi-state resolution that was established in 2013.

Per the bi-state resolution, toll rates are adjusted annually by 2.5% unless the rate of inflation is higher.  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) calculated the rate of inflation increase was 3.4% this year. The toll rates for 5 axle or greater trucks will now range from $13.00 to $15.61 depending on the account type.

  • Prepaid Account with Transponder $13.00
  • Prepaid Account without Transponder $14.29
  • Pay by mail/plate $15.61


While Riverlink is the tolling system, they do not have the authority to approve oversize/overweight truck crossings. When utilizing I-65 or SR265/KY841 you must have a KY and IN permit for travel to be permitted legally.

For more information on Riverlink tolls, setting up an account and their state of the art system that keeps traffic moving instead of the classic “coin toss” visit their website.

Source: Riverlink

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