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Exciting news for Specialized Carriers as Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire and Oregon recently released updates, read for more information!



The Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois State Police, and the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association have been collaborating to further define what “non-divisible” would mean on a permit issued by IDOT.  While there is a wealth of knowledge in their most recent publication the most noteworthy change is allowing jeeps and boosters to be decked on an overweight permit.

Illinois has also updated their OPER 993.  If you are a carrier that utilizes a provision sheet binder or keeps a digital folder of provision sheets double check your date to ensure you have the latest copy, Rev. 04/19/24.  You can find all the updated provision sheets under the resources tab of our website or on our mobile app PermitMe.


The Maryland State Highway Administration released a new restriction that will have a great impact on Specialized Carriers.  Effective 5/13/24 no loads over 11’ wide, 15’3” high or 80’ long will be permitted on MD-695 between Exit 44 (Broening Highway) and Exit 42 (MD-151, North Point Blvd). There is currently no end date in place for this restriction.

Maryland State Highway Administration also released good news for Specialized Carriers, they will now automatically issue permits up to 14’wide. In addition to increasing their auto issuance parameters, loads up to and including 200k, 14’6” high, 14’ wide, and 120’ long may travel 24/7. Keep in mind that special travel restrictions must be adhered to. Read your permit carefully for travel restrictions.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire seasonal move permits will be available April 20th, 2024, through November 23rd, 2024. These permits will allow travel on designated routes from 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset Monday through Friday and from 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 12:00pm on Saturdays.  Travel is restricted on Saturdays from June 1st, 2024, though August 24, 2024, limiting travel on I-95 to 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 9:00am, as well as limiting travel on all state roads to 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 12:00pm.


Oregon has been working diligently to implement a new web-based permit ordering system, ORION (Oregon Routing Information Online).  A few key benefits for specialized carriers will be the ability to request permits 24/7, faster turnaround, and more availability of permit staff to work on complex loads.

Oregon has been collaborating with ProMiles as well as an External Project Advisory Committee, a Third-Party Agent Working Group, and an Oregon County Working Group to ensure the new system meets the needs of everyone in the industry.  While the timeline is not set in stone, the anticipated “Go Live” date is in the first quarter of 2025.

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