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Updates To State Permitting Systems


Several states have been working hard to make enhancements to current permitting systems.  Below is a sneak peek of just a few of the updates.


Indiana: Progress is continuing in the development of their new ProMiles system. Testing is currently underway and is expected to be released to external users in Fall of 2020.

Kentucky: Released enhancements this week to the current Bentley application to add a new A10 Manufactured Home permit, they also released bug fixes for bridge restrictions and revised permits.

North Carolina: Development of their new permitting system is continuing to make progress.  The new system will offer automated permit issuance and is anticipated to be released by then end of 2020.

Texas: Plans to release enhancements early next week to add self-service amendments. This is a huge area of concern when the permit office ceased Saturday hours a few months ago, we greatly appreciate the TX permit office hearing and acting upon our concerns.  For those that utilize Hubometer Permits, you can now self-renew or close-out exiting HUB Permits.  They have also added a HUB Permit fee estimator.

Wisconsin: The new Bentley permitting system is anticipated to be released in late October.  When released it will be compatible with IE, Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Like most Bentley applications you will be able to save routes for future applications, save an application as a draft, and have several routing options.


Keep in mind this is just a short list of updates we have confirmed with DOT officials.  There are several more states that have pending updates coming in the next few weeks and several with updates expected to be released by the end of the year.  The Specialized Carrier Industry is making progress daily and we are honored to be a part of it!

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