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Ohio Department of Transportation to release new permitting system

Permit America is excited to announce changes coming to the permitting process in Ohio. As always Promiles and the OHDOT permitting office has been a pleasure to work with during this process.  A few of the most impacting changes are discussed below.

On June 22nd OHDOT is expected to launch their new cloud-based Ohio Hauling Permit System (OHPS). The new system has features that will greatly improve efficiency in the permitting office which in turn will reduce the turnaround time on permit issuance.

Most carriers have experienced a delay due to insurance coverage on file with OHDOT expiring. With the new OHPS system insurance providers can upload your OS32 form direct to the website.  Also, a little tip from an experienced permit service, if the insurance provider enters “Continuous Until Cancelled” in the expiration field instead of the standard 1 year from the effective date your insurance will remain active preventing any permitting delays due to expired insurance on file. Be sure to contact your insurance provider and supply the link to setting up their account Create Insurance Provider Account 

Once your insurance provider has established an account it will be beneficial if they access the tutorial on Uploading OS32 and Managing Insurance Provider Account

The route survey process will also change when OHPS launches, when a permit application is submitted to OHDOT via OHPS if the permit staff deems it necessary for the safety of the driver and for citizens along the route they will require a route survey.  OHPS will generate a PDF that will have most information auto-completed, the trucking company will need to fill in the blanks, survey the route, and sign. Once the survey is completed it is uploaded to OHPS for immediate processing by the OHDOT permitting staff.

Along with implementing a new system OHDOT previously announced that effective April 14th permits can be displayed via an electronic device.

If you have any questions on the new OHPS process please reach out to Permit America via our Contact Us page or call 866-573-7648 to speak with one of our Permit Consultants.

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