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Specialized Carriers feeling the impact of national demonstrations.

As demonstrations continue across the country, specialized carriers may experience route changes. 

We have been receiving reports of ramp and road closures to ensure the safety of drivers and the general public. Permit America has been working closely with DOT permit offices across the country to provide the most up to date information on road closures. This is constantly changing situation and you may have an issued permit with routing through a closure.   

If your issued permit is routed through a newly created road closure, please contact Permit America to have your permit amended to a valid route.   

Additionally, several DOT permit offices are also extending or replicating permits if travel is deemed unsafe

The New York City permit office announced earlier this week that they will be replicating permits at no fee if a specialized carrier or escort vehicle feels unsafe travelling.  

Please reach out to Permit America if you are delayed due to safety concerns as we will advocate on your behalf for consideration on extending or replicating permits.    

Due to additional staffing demands, it may be difficult to schedule police escorts on superload moves.  

We are experiencing a range of flexibility with this requirement across various state and local agencies. 

Our latest information from Indiana DOT (INDOT) is that police escorts will not be available until at least Monday June 8th, they will reevaluate the situation at that time and potentially extend the date.   

Be safe out there!  

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